Being Joyful is a Choice!


Philippians 1:12-19



I.                   With the Lord at the helm, there is always something to rejoice about – vv. 12-14.

A.    The Life of a Christian always contains reason for joy, or Joyful disposition comes from finding the good in our situations – vv. 12-14.

B.     Our joyful disposition can result in a more powerful testimony for the Lord than words ever could – v. 14.

II.                Our lives, to be sure, always have things in them which can make us angry, unhappy, and perturbed, but it is choosing to focus on the positive aspect, that will bring joy in the journey – vv. 15-18.

A.    Due to this world’s fallen nature, there is always something negative that can be found about our circumstances – vv. 15, 17.

B.     Focusing on the positive, however, is a conscious decision and a choice – vv. 15-16.

III.             A life of consistent choosing of Christian joy makes the final outcome welcome and desirable, no matter what, when, or where it is – v. 19.



Rejoicing in the Lord is a choice that does not depend on external circumstances!

  February 2020  
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