1 Timothy 1



  1 Timothy 1

Pastor’s Job Description

April 12, 2009
Simon Goncharenko
A Southern Baptist Church

The Bid Idea: The main elements of the job of a pastor, according to 1 Timothy 1, consist of teaching sound doctrine, proclaiming the gospel, and defending the faith.
I. Greeting – vv. 1-2
A. The author was Apostle Paul - vv. 1 and 12-17.
1. He was the apostle - sent out according to the command of God and JC
            2.  Though he had a rocky start, Paul was grateful for God’s merciful choice - vv. 12-17
                        a.  It was Jesus’ strengthening that enabled Paul to serve - v. 12
                        b.  It was Jesus’ considering Paul faithful that allowed him to serve - v. 12
                        c. In His mercy the Lord overlooked Paul’s past offences b/c of Paul’s ignorance which comes with unbelief - v. 13
                        d.  God’s grace super-abounded resulting in faith and love (agape) in Christ Jesus - v. 14
                        e.  Flowing from that grace was salvation of sinners, of which Paul admitted to be the worst - v. 15
                                    f.  Realizing that it is all about Christ, Paul recognizes that his salvation was meant to be the display of God’s mercy – v. 16
                                    g.  Paul’s doxology – a very natural outpouring of praise for what the Lord had done for him - v. 17
B.  The recipient was his young brother in Christ -- Timothy - v. 2
*** The first New Testament reference to Timothy appears in Acts 16:1–3 near the beginning of Paul’s second missionary journey.                        
1.  Timothy was Paul’s true/legitimate child in the faith
            2.  Paul greets him with grace, mercy, and peace
II. Paul encourages Timothy to stay in Ephesus in order to focus on doing well the job of a pastor - vv. 3-11, 18-20.   
A. Timothy was to teach sound doctrine – vv. 3-5
            1.  by putting an end to false doctrine and wasteful practices – vv. 3-4.
2. by staying focused on the goal – v. 5.
B.  Timothy was to proclaim the gospel – vv. 6-11
                        1.  by modifying the teaching methodology of those that are straying – v. 6
2. by ensuring their qualification for teaching – v. 7
3. by adjusting the content of their message – vv.8-11
a. the law is good, provided a legitimate use of it – v. 8
b. the law was not meant for the righteous but for sinners – vv. 9
C.  Timothy was to defend the faith - vv. 19-20
                                    1.  Fight a good fight - v. 18
                                    2.  Walk what you talk - v. 19
3.  Practice church discipline -v. 20
One reason some local churches are having problems is that the pastors and spiritual leaders are involved in too many extracurricular activities and are not doing the tasks God has called them to do.



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