1 Timothy 4:1-5

1 Timothy 4:1-5

God’s Truth vs. Demonic Counterfeit

May 24, 2009

Simon Goncharenko


A Southern Baptist Church



The Big Idea: God’s word and prayer provide the kind of grounding that enables believers to recognize and reject demonic counterfeits around them.


I.        Watch out for false teachers! – vv. 1-3


a.       They are energized by Satan – 1a


b.      They lead people astray – 1b



c.       They are hypocrites – 2



d.      They deny God’s word - 3.


                                                              i.      Forced celibacy – prohibition of marriage – 3a


                                                            ii.      Selective diet – forbidden food – 3b


II.    Get grounded in the truth – 4-5


a.       Everything created by God is good – 4a.


b.      Offering thanksgiving before food is important - nothing should be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving – 4b.



c.       The word of God and prayer make ordinary things holy – 5.



·         It is interesting that once again Paul reminds Timothy of the two essential emphases in life of every believer – The Word of God and Prayer.


·         Our ability to recognize demonic counterfeit in life is only as good as our knowledge of the truth expressed in God’s word and powered by prayer.

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