1 Timothy 6:1-10, 17-19


1 Timothy 6:1-10, 17-19

God’s Healthy Life vs. Satan’s Sick Counterfeit

July 19, 2009

Simon Goncharenko





I.                    Our relationship with Christ should cause us to excel in everything that we do – vv. 1-2.

a.       Christian slaves are to honor their non-believing masters as their practical expression of godliness – 1.

b.      Christian slaves are to redouble rather than reduce their service to their believing masters – 2.



II.                Godliness/piety is neither a way to, nor a guarantee of financial success – vv. 3-5.

a.       This false understanding originates with spurious doctrines – 3.

The correspondence between truth and godliness, and error and moral deficiency, is one of the recurrent themes in the Pastoral Epistles.

b.      These spurious doctrines reveal ignorance and impure motives on the part of their originators and result in a host of trouble– 4-5.

The inner motives of the false teachers reveal that:

1.      Their minds have been corrupted – 5.

When reason is morally blinded, all correctives to unworthy behavior are banished, and the mind becomes destitute of the truth. 

2.      They have been robbed of the truth by Satan – 5.

3.      They think that godliness is a means to financial gain – 5.



III.             Godliness/piety does guarantee  a proper focus toward money – vv. 6-10.

This section is for those aspiring to be rich!

Godliness does not give financial gain, it itself is gain when accompanied with contentment.

a.       Godliness + contentment IS gain – 6.

b.      Material possessions are equally irrelevant at our entrance into and exit from the world – 7.

c.       Learning to be grateful for the most basic necessities: food & clothing/shelter – 8.

d.      Pursuit of money as the chief end of life is destructive and at the root of much evil – 9-10.

The steps to escalating danger for those desiring money above all:

1.       A trap / the lure – 9.

2.      Harmful desires / the lust – 9.

3.      Ruin & destruction – 9.



IV.              Instructions for the rich or What proper focus toward money looks like – vv. 17-19.

This section is for those already rich!

a.       Do not be arrogant about your wealth – you didn’t deserve it! – 17a.

b.      Do not bank on your money over God – 17b.

c.       Do GOOD – 18a.

d.      Be RICH IN GOOD DEEDS – 18b.

e.       Investing in eternity is the proper focus toward money on earth – 19.

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