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 God’s Temporal Provision for His Loyal Servants


November 21, 2010

21 Fellowship,  SBC

Simon Goncharenko


I.                   God is sovereignly at work, even if often behind the scenes – vv. 1-4.

A.    We usually have no idea what God is setting up for us next – v. 1

B.     When the time is right God brings us to the right place – v. 3.

C.     Then, when all is set He puts all the pieces together – v. 4.

II.                Our commitment to the Lord will be rewarded – vv. 5-23.

A.    What is commitment ?

B.     What did Ruth’s commitment to the Lord entailed? – v. 11, 7.

                                                              i.      Leaving her family

                                                            ii.      Leaving her country

                                                          iii.      Coming to a land previously unkown

                                                          iv.      Dilligent work to provide for her mother-in-law

C.     How was Ruth’s commitment rewarded?

                                                              i.      By God – graciously accepting this gentile, placing her in Boaz’ path, turning Boaz’ attention and heart to her – vv. 1-23.

                                                            ii.      By Boaz – vv. 8-9, 12, 14-15, 21.

1.      Allowing her to stay in his fields exclusively – v. 8.

2.      Ensuring her safety & increased productivity by inviting her to stay with his young women – v. 8.

3.      Ordering his male servants to not harm her – v. 9.

4.      Providing for her thirst – v. 9.

5.      Blessing her in the Lord’s name – v. 12.

6.      Encouraging her – v. 12.

7.      By feeding her at the mealtime  & letting her take leftovers home – v. 14.

8.      By creating a special preferred arrangment for her work – v.15

9.      By inviting her to come back until the end of the harvest – v. 21.

D.    How will our commitment to God be rewarded?

III.             Put God First!

A.    In our families

B.     In our jobs

C.     In our finances

When we do, I earnestly believe that we too, like Ruth, will have placed ourselves under the protective wings of the God of Israel – v.12.


God takes care of those who place Him first in their lives!