Joyful Perspective Comes with Time!


Philippians 2:12-18


Philippians 1 – single mind

Philippians 2 – an exhortation to have a submissive mind (others first), followed by four examples.  Apostle Paul uses his own life as the second example to the Philippian believers.  From Paul’s example of handling stress we learn:


 I.                   Our Christian growth which follows salvation is initiated and energized by God – vv. 12-13.

A.    Getting saved is not the end of the road for the believer, but the beginning of the process of sanctification – v. 12.

B.     Progress in personal sanctification will contribute to the corporate unity – v. 12.

C.    God initiates and enables our sanctification – v. 13.

II.                Our growth in Christ requires effort on our part – vv. 14-16.

A.    How to ensure growth:

                                                              i.      without complaining or arguing – v. 14.

                                                            ii.      By holding out the message of the Gospel – v. 16

B.     Why we must grow:

                                                              i.      In order to become blameless and pure w/o blemish

                                                            ii.      Because we live in a corrupted world

                                                          iii.      Because our holy conduct enables us to shine His light

III.             Joyful disposition will expedite our growth - vv. 17-18.

A.    On a personal level, joy comes from gaining a heavenly perspective of my earthly stress – v. 17.

B.     On a corporate level, joy is sustained by interacting with fellow believers – v. 18.


Paul’s joy in sufferings is a result of a faith that has grown in the face of adversity.

  February 2020  
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