Unity in the Church


Philippians 2:1-4



The single mind of chapter 1 results in the submissive mind of chapter 2.  If “Christ First” is the message of chapter 1, “Others Next” is the message of chapter 2.


I.                   We have what it takes to have it – v. 1.

A.    Encouragement from Christ

B.     Comfort from love

C.     Fellowship with/from the Spirit

D.    Affection/Tenderness and mercy/compassion


II.                JUST DO IT – the command to practice unity – v. 2.


III.             Here is HOW to do it - The steps to achieving UNITY – vv. 2-4.

A.    Possessing a mutual love.

B.     Setting our minds on unity with one soul

C.     Considering others above ourselves by avoiding selfish ambition and conceit ehecking our motives – no selfish ambition, vanity

D.    Looking to the interests of others



Christian unity or same-mindedness can only be achieved when believers sacrifice self by putting others first.

  February 2020  
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