The Extreme Value of Devotion to God

Philippians 2:19-24


 Philippians 1 – single mind

Philippians 2 – an exhortation to have a submissive mind (others first), followed by four examples: Jesus, Paul, Timothy, and Epaphroditus.  From Timothy’s example we learn about deep devotion to God…


I.                   Others-mindedness begins with a mind devoted to God – vv. 19-21.


A.    A devoted mind considers God’s will in all life’s pursuits – v. 19.


B.     A devoted mind is “like-souled” with other devoted believers – vv. 20-21.


1.      Devotion to God results in genuine interest in the believers’ concerns – v. 20.


2.      Devotion to God results in seeking His kingdom first – v. 21.


II.                Devotion to God results in caring for His servants – v. 22.


III.             A devoted servant is valuable in the eyes of God and other believers – vv. 23-24.



A mind devoted to God considers the well-being of other believers and is valuable in the eyes of God and people.

  February 2020  
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