Willingness to Give It All

Philippians 2:25-30


 Philippians 1 – single mind

Philippians 2 – an exhortation to have a submissive mind (others first), followed by four examples: Jesus, Paul, Timothy, and Epaphroditus.  From Epaphroditus’ example we learn to lay our lives down for His kingdom…


I.                   The equally important responsibilities of a pastor – v. 25.

A.    Brother in Christ - fellowship

B.     Fellow worker – furtherance of the gospel

C.     Fellow soldier – defense of the faith

D.    Messenger – life-pursuit

E.     Minister - service

Next, we learn something about the kind of loyalty/faithfulness that a good shepherd should have to the task given to him by the Lord…

II.                A good shepherd is willing to lay down his life for his sheep – vv. 26-27a.

A.    He takes his calling and ministry seriously – v. 26.

B.     He is burdened for his church – v. 26.

C.     He is ready to lay his life down for his sheep and his ministry – v. 27.

Finally, we learn how a church should treat its pastor…

III.             Churches need to honor good shepherds – vv. 27b-30.

A.    God gives the example of taking special care of his dedicated servants – v. 27b.

B.     Churches ought to follow the Lord’s example in caring for their shepherds – vv. 28-30.


A good pastor is willing to lay his life down for his sheep,

And a good church takes care of its pastor.

  February 2020  
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