Jesus Christ Exemplifies Four Characteristics of

The Person with the Submissive Mind


Philippians 2:5-11


Philippians 1 – single mind

Philippians 2 – exhortation to have a submissive mind (others first), followed by four examples.  As the first example, Jesus Christ illustrates four characteristics of the person with the submissive mind.  Incidentally, these verses present one of the most significant statements in all of Scripture on the nature of the Incarnation, the fact that God became man, and provide a beautiful example of humility expressed in obedient self-sacrifice.


I.                   He thinks of others, not himself – vv. 5-6.

-          Jesus Christ is 100% God – v. 6.

o   Jesus Christ existed eternally as God – v. 6.

o   Jesus Christ did not hold on to his original position

II.                He serves – v. 7.

-          Jesus Christ became 100% man (-sin)

o   Jesus emptied Himself

o   Jesus took on the form of a slave

III.             He sacrifices – v.8.

-          Jesus exemplified humble obedience to death

IV.             He glorifies God – vv. 9-11.

-          Jesus Christ was promoted at the hand of God – vv. 9-11.

-          Christ’s promotion was due to His obedience to the Father – v. 9.

-          Christ’s promotion included sovereign authority over all creatures

o   Name – top name - God gave Jesus the top name at which every knee will bow.

o   Power  - the power to subject all creatures

In putting others first, the Christian with the submissive mind sacrifices and serves, but ultimately brings God the glory.

  February 2020  
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