Keep On Growing!

                                                                  Philippians 3:12-16


Chapter 1 – single mind (to live is Christ).

Chapter 2 – submissive mind (others first).

Chapter 3 – spiritual mind (vv. 1-11 – Paul’s past; vv. 12-16 – Paul’s present; vv. 17-21 – Paul’s future).


Following salvation, the process of knowing Christ and knowing Him better becomes the pursuit and goal of every believer in the Lord.  The theologians call this pursuit of growing in Christ “sanctification,” and this is the focus of today’s message.



I.                   The nature of growing in Christ (progressive sanctification) – v. 12.

A.    Sanctification is different from salvation…

B.     Sanctification requires work on our part…

C.     Sanctification is still only possible b/c of what Christ did first…


II.                The process of growing in Christ (progressive sanctification) – vv. 13-15.

A.    Sanctification lasts a lifetime & we can’t “arrive” in these bodies – v. 13, 15.

B.     Sanctification takes our full devotion – v. 13.

                                                              i.      Letting go of the past

                                                            ii.      Earnestly pursuing the future

C.     Sanctification is fueled by the focus on the heavenly prize – v. 14.


III.             Live your age in Christ– v. 16.



Realizing that no perfection is possible on the earth, we are to strive to please our Father with a single-minded devotion of growing disciples.

  February 2020  
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