Think RIGHT – To ACT Right

                                                                  Philippians 4:8-9


Chapter 1 – single mind (to live is Christ).

Chapter 2 – submissive mind (others first).

Chapter 3 – spiritual mind (vv. 1-11 – Paul’s past; vv. 12-16 – Paul’s present; vv. 17-21 – Paul’s future).

Chapter 4 – secure mind.


I.                   Keep your mind filled with what is godly – v. 8.

Romans 12:2

A.    Text Box: Excellent & Praiseworthy True – no falsehood.

B.     Worthy of respect (reverend, honorable, noble) -  not embarrassing.

C.     Just (righteous, upright) – not unjust.

D.    Pure (innocent) – not impure, defiled.

E.     Lovely (pleasing, agreeable) – not quarrelsome.

F.      Commendable (appealing, admirable) – not questionable.

·         Excellent (virtuous, from moral perspective) – not mediocre or riding the fence.

·         Praiseworthy – not shameful

!!!Right thinking is the result of the daily meditation on the Word of God.!!!

II.                Our actions = thoughts + experiences – v. 9a.

A.    Learned – what you were taught, instructed.

B.     Received – the teaching that you heard from us.

C.     Heard – Paul’s speech.

D.    Saw in him – Paul’s conduct.

III.             God’s peace is promised when we learn how to do what is right – v. 9b.



The peace of God will be ours when we guard our minds and honor God with our actions!

  February 2020  
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