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Daniel 1

(Key Verse 1:8)

January 10, 2010



1:1-2 The third year of King Jehoiakim, King of Judah, was approximately 606 B.C.  That year

          Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon came and besieged Jerusalem and captured it and took

           ___________ out of the temple and transported them back to Babylon and put them in

1:3     the _________ of his god.  He instructed Ashpenaz to pick out some choice young men 

          from the Jewish king’s ________________.  These were to be young men who were

1:4     __________ ___________ and very _______________.  This program would last ____

1:5     years during which they would learn the Babylonian language and all kinds of things

          about Chaldeans so they could serve before the King.  The King provided every thing for

           them including their ___________ and ___________.  When Daniel and his ____

          friends saw the food from the King, they knew immediately that some were off limits

          according to Lev. 11.  For example, Jews did not eat _________.  Daniel and his three

          friends realizing that the King wanted them to be healthy for these three years of

1:12   training, offers a different meal plan to Ashpenaz.  This plan was to eat only __________

          and drink only ________ for _____ days.  At the end of this time period, the boys looked

1:20   ok.  And, after the three years training course, they were ___________ ________ better

1:21   than all the wise men the King had already trained. And Daniel continued in service

          to the King for ________ years.


1:8     I feel that vs. 8 is the most important verse in this chapter because it reveals to us what

          kind of young man Daniel was and why he was used by God so long. What      does this           verse tell us about Daniel? _________________________________________________



Why do you think that Daniel came into good favor with the other servants?_______________


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