Couples Class

21 Fellowship

January 31, 2010

Daniel 2:28-45

Key Verse: Daniel 2:44


29-30 Daniel gives credit to _______ for revealing Neb’s dream and interpretation to him.

          What does vs. 30 show us about Daniel? __________________.  ______________ is

31      being honest about ourselves and God.  King Neb saw a very large ___________.  The

32      head of this image was of fine ____________.  Chest and arms of _________. 

33      Abdomen and thighs were of ____________.  Legs were _____________.  And, it’s feet

34      and toes were part __________ and ___________.  Suddenly a huge __________ came

35      out of the side of a mountain and rolled down ______________ the idol.  Then the large

36      boulder smashed the idol into ___________, or _________ ________, worthless

38      material.  King Neb and the Babylonian Empire is represented by the _______ of

          ______.  The Medo-Persian Empire will conquer the Babylonians and they are

          represented by the arms and chest of ______________. The Roman Empire was destined

          to conquer the Medo-Persian Empire.  The Roman Empire was very strong and the metal

          used to describe them was ____________.  The Fifth Empire is the Empire of the future

          Anti-Christ represented by the feet and toes of ___________ and _________ on the idol.

           It is often called the Revised Roman Empire of Europe, and in its final form will have

          ten nations in it, like toes.  Some nations will be strong like Germany.  Some weak like

          France.  At the end of seven years of Tribulation, our Lord Jesus Christ will return to the

          earth and crush the final earthly kingdom to __________.


Application:  We should never forget that we are on the winning team as children of the Great King.  One day when He returns we will be with Him.  We will ride out to the Valley of Megiddo on thousands of white horses.  The final army of the Antichrist will be thousands as well.  A sword shall go forth from the mouth of our Lord and it will destroy every soldier and every horse they are riding and the blood will flow three to four feet deep in the valley.  The angels will issue a call to all the vultures of the earth to come feast on the flesh of kings and princes as well as generals and privates.


It will be worth it to follow the Lord.

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