James 1:1-18


The Proper Perspective on Trials

James 1:1-18

21 Fellowship, SBC - Midway, TX

Dr. Simon Goncharenko

July 31, 2011


Big Idea: Realizing that God allows trials into our lives in order to mature our faith and make us more useful for Him, we are to reject the temptation to sin and rejoice in His goodness.


I.      Rejoice in God’s design for your trials – vv. 1-12.

a.       Why – because they are allowed to sharpen our faith – vv. 2-4

             i.      Testing produces endurance – vv. 2-3

             ii.      Endurance results in a better-rounded believer – v. 4.

b.      How – by rising above the storm – vv. 5-12.

          i.      Daily asking for wisdom to see God’s perspective – v. 5.

          ii.      Not doubting His motives – vv. 6-8.

          iii.      Not allowing present circumstances to handicap our productivity for the kingdom – vv. 9-11.

          iv.      Focusing on the eternal reward – v. 12.

II.      Reject the temptation to sin in trials – vv. 13-15.


a.       Their source is distinct – v. 13.

b.      Their downward progression is rapid – vv. 14-15.

c.       Their end is deadly – v. 15.

III.     Realize God’s goodness – vv. 16-18.

a.       God allows testing – vv. 1-12.

b.      God has nothing to do with our temptations – vv. 13-15.

c.       God is the only source of all that is good in a believer’s life – vv. 16-17.

d.      There is no darkness in God – v. 17.

e.       God does not change – immutable – v. 17.

f.       God’s gift of salvation – the most outstanding example & reminder of His goodness to us, His children – v. 18.

  August 2021  
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