John 10:1-21

Jesus – Our Good Shepherd

February 7, 2010

Simon Goncharenko






I.                   The normal interaction between the shepherd and his sheep – vv. 1-6.


A.    He enters by the door – vv. 2-3a.


B.     The sheep recognize the shepherd’s voice and follow him alone – 3b, 4-5.



C.     The shepherd knows his sheep by name and leads them out  – 3c.



II.                As the only door to heaven, Jesus offers salvation and abundant life to all – vv. 7-10.


A.    The false prophets before Him came to destroy and the sheep did not listen to them – v. 8 (see Isaiah 56:9-12; Jeremiah 23:1-4; 25:32-38; Ezekiel 34; Zechariah 11).


B.     Those who enter through Him will be saved, find growth and have abundant life – vv. 9-10.



III.             As the good Shepherd, Jesus willingly lays down His life for His sheep, to be raised again – vv. 11-21.


A.    He dies for the sheep – vv. 11-13.


B.     He knows His sheep – vv. 14-15.


                                                              i.      Just as the Father knows Him – v. 15.


C.     He gathers His sheep – v. 16.


D.    The Father’s love is tied to His death & resurrection – vv. 17-18.




IV.              Not all can swallow this – vv. 19-21.

Is Jesus YOUR Shepherd?  If so, do you know His voice? 
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