John 11

There is Nothing that My Lord Cannot Do

February 21, 2010

Simon Goncharenko




Capable of restoring life and having proved His ability to do it, Jesus Christ can genuinely sympathize with those that are His even when they experience death’s temporary separation.


I.                   As the one capable to overcome death and to give real life, Jesus genuinely sympathizes with His own – vv. 1-37.

A.    In His loving design for our lives, He sometimes allows sickness and frailty in order to shine through us – vv. 1-5.

B.     When we walk closely with the Lord, we need not ever fear danger – vv. 6-10.

C.     When we walk with the Lord, death is only a temporary repose, not a permanent separation – vv. 11-16.

D.    It is important to remember that the one who cares for us is the resurrection and the life – vv. 17-27.

                                                              i.      His timing is perfect – vv. 17-19.

                                                            ii.      His goal is to foster & grow our faith – vv. 20-24, 26-27.

                                                          iii.      Faith in Jesus guarantees eternal life – vv. 25-26.

E.     Sympathetic with our emotions, Jesus knows how to minister to us in our hour of need – vv. 28-37.

II.                His visible conquest of death and hell demonstrates Jesus’ authority over life – vv. 38-44.

A.    When life gets tough, remember, our Lord is not unmoved by our plight – v. 38.

B.     When He leads you down a road that doesn’t make sense, go for it and be ready to see His mighty hand – vv. 39-40.

C.     Pray first, do second – vv. 41-44.

III.             The response of mankind to even a great display of divine power is again divided – vv. 45-57.

A.    God’s will is still done through them even if they do not benefit from it – vv. 49-57.

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