John 1:10-14

Jesus Christ – Fully MAN

August 9, 2009

Simon Goncharenko





Last week – Jesus’ divinity – what’s the big deal? – only God could have paid for our sins b/c every man is born with sinful nature.


The Big Idea: Jesus Christ assumed full humanity b/c only a human can pay the price for the sins of humanity. 

I.                   Jesus Christ provided some awareness of God to all – 9

a.       Jesus,  the True Light, shined on all men

b.      Jesus, though fully God, broke into time and entered this world


II.                Jesus, the Creator of the world was not recognized by His own creation – 10-11

a.       The world missed its Creator

b.      Even His own chosen nation rejected Him


III.             A special status and a promise given to those who  welcomed Him – 12-13

So, now the rules are different and the process of “welcoming” Him is done on an individual basis.  Here is what is involved in welcoming Jesus Christ:

-          A realization and acceptance of the sinfulness of the world and self

-          A realization and acceptance of the responsibility for sin

-          An understanding of Christ’s provision for sin

-          Belief (understanding plus entrusting) in His provision

a.       They welcomed Him by believing in His name

b.      Faith in His name awakens people to a new life through a new birth

i.                    The new birth has nothing to do with one’s family background

ii.                  The new birth has nothing to do with one’s own will

iii.                The new birth has nothing to do with anyone else’s will

iv.                The new birth was God’s choice in Heaven


IV.             The incarnation of the Son of God – Jesus took on human flesh and lived with us – 14

a.       Christ’s humanity had a beginning in time – even as His divinity did not.

b.      Christ tabernacled among humans – like the OT tabernacle in Israel’s camp

c.       People observed His glory through His life and actions.

d.      Only begotten Son – of the same unique essence as the Father.

e.       Jesus Christ is described as full of Grace & Truth


The Light is still shining! Have you personally received the Light and become a child of God?

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