John 1:1-5


Jesus Christ – FULLY GOD

August 2, 2009

Simon Goncharenko






I.                     Jesus Christ, the spokesman for the Trinity, is true God – 1-2.

a.       In the beginning – 1.

b.      Christ’s nature is to communicate God – 1.

c.       Jesus Christ was pre-existent – 1.

d.      Jesus Christ is co-equal with God – 1.

e.       Jesus Christ IS GOD – 1.

f.       There was never a time when Christ was not – 2.


II.                 Jesus Christ played a key role in the creation of the world – 3

a.       Jesus Christ was the agent through which the world was created - see also Col. 1:15; Heb. 1:1-3.

b.      Jesus Christ had His finger print on every created thing.


III.               Jesus Christ is the source of eternal life which brought true knowledge to all humanity – 4-5.

a.       Jesus Christ is the source of life – 4.

b.      The life that he gave brought light (knowledge / wisdom) to humanity – 4.

c.       The world was dark before Christ – 5.

d.      The light of knowledge brought by Christ cannot be defeated by the world’s darkness (other religions, Satan, etc.) – 5.

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