John 12:27-50

Place Your Trust in the Light!

March 28, 2010

Simon Goncharenko





Our reaction to the _______________, that is Jesus Christ, is the most important decision to be made with ______________ _____________________ to follow.



I.                   Faithful to the end – what we can learn from the final hour of Christ’s earthly mission – vv. 27-36.

A.     God’s name ought to be glorified through and in life’s toughest moments – vv. 27-28.

B.     Three results of Christ’s death – v. 31.

                                      i.      It pronounced judgment on the world – v. 31.

                                       ii.   It declared the beginning of the end of Satan’s rule – v. 31.

                                        iii.   It was a focal point of a plan that involved salvation being offered to all men – vv. 32-33.

C.        One’s reaction to the light carries eternal consequences – vv. 34-36.

II.                To believe or not to believe: how God’s Sovereignty affects human decision making – vv. 37-43.

A.        Some cannot believe because of God’s sovereign choice – vv. 37-41.

B.        Others choose to be “undercover” Christians – vv. 42-43.

III.             How we can get in sync with God . . . Jesus, the Father’s greatest Spokesman, reiterates His mission in His last public words – vv. 44-50.

A.        Faith in Jesus is the means by which faith in the Father can be placed – v. 44, 46.

B.        Seeing Jesus is the means by which the Father can be seen – v. 45.

C.     Jesus’ words, authored by God, will stand as the final judge on the last day – vv. 47-50.

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