John 1:29-34

Jesus Re-Connects the World to God

August 23, 2009

Simon Goncharenko





I.                   As the Lamb of God, JESUS SAVES the world from SIN – vv. 29-30.

a.       Sacrificial Lamb prior to Christ brought people temporary deliverance from sin

·         Gen 22:8 –


·         Ex. 12:1-17 –


·         Isaiah 53:7 –


b.      Jesus became the permanent solution to the sin problem – v. 29

c.       Jesus was able to save people from sin because HE IS GOD – v. 30.


II.                The World does not recognize either Jesus or its need for Him – vv. 31-33.. 

a.       Even John did not recognize Jesus at first – vv. 31, 33.

                                                              i.      Although he was related to Him – see Luke 1:36

                                                            ii.      Although he came to announce Him – v. 31

b.      Even Israel could not have recognized Him without John’s assistance (that was the whole reason for his mission) – v. 31.

c.       John had to be given a visible sign to recognize Jesus for all that He was – v. 32-33

d.      That’s why Jesus has to baptize people with the HS at the point of conversion – to make them understand things that were unintelligible to them before – v. 33.


III.             So TELL THEM ABOUT JESUS, like John did – v. 34.


As the Lamb of God, Jesus came to save the world from its sin.  As God’s pre-existent one, He is mighty enough to do it.  As the instiller of the Holy Spirit, He enables those whom He saves to live for God.  As the one and only unique Son of God, He makes it possible for men to know God and to have a relationship with Him.


Do you know Him?

            If yes, how are you making Him known?

            If no, today you can change that…

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