John 14

John 14


April 18, 2010

Simon Goncharenko






The Holy Spirit brings men to Jesus as the only way by which they can reach God.


I.                   Jesus Christ, as the only link by which men can reach God, is preparing an eternal place for those who are His– vv. 1-7.

A.    Faith is the only right response to life’s stresses – v. 1.

B.     We are going home to be united with Christ, who is preparing a place for us – vv. 2-3.

C.     As the way, the truth, and the life, Jesus is the only path to God – vv. 4-6.

D.    Knowing Jesus is knowing God – v. 7.

II.                Jesus Christ, as the spokesman for God, guarantees success in ministry and answered prayers for those who place their faith in Him (hen God’s glory is at the center of my life’s pursuit, all my prayers will be granted) – vv. 8-14.

A.    Exemplifying being in sync with God – how Jesus’ character, words & actions are perfectly in tune with the Father – vv. 8-11.

B.     Jesus’ return to the Father produced great results in the establishment of Christianity – v. 12.

C.     The life that is in unison with God is characterized by answered prayers – vv. 13-14.


If the prayer is answered will the Father be glorified?


III.             Jesus Christ, as man’s greatest ally, secured the conveyance of the Holy Spirit to be our greatest resource in Christian life –vv. 15-31.

A.    We cannot love Jesus without obeying His word –vv. 15, 21, 23-24, 31.

B.     The Holy Spirit – a believer’s greatest resource in living for the Lord.

1.He is our Advocate – v. 16.

2.He will always be with us – v. 16.

3.He is the Spirit of truth – v. 17.

4.The world does not have Him – v.17.

5.He resides with us and in us – v. 17.

6.He will teach us everything – v. 26.

7.He will remind us God’s word – v. 26.

C.     Our eternal life is based on His resurrection – vv. 18-20.

D.    The level of enjoyment of our Christian life is directly connected to the level of obedience to God – vv. 21-24.

E.     Choose His peace over worldly counterfeits and you will not be anxious or afraid – v. 27.

F.      Jesus is coming back for me – vv. 28-30.

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