John 16:8-15

John 16:8-15

HEED the Spirit’s Work in Your Life!

May 16, 2010

Simon Goncharenko






The Holy Spirit is actively working in the hearts of unbelievers and believers alike and we would do well to heed His work in our lives!


I.                   The Holy Spirit works in the world to convict it – vv. 8-11.

A.    He convicts the world about sin – vv. 8-9.

B.     He convicts the world about righteousness – vv. 8, 10.

C.     He convicts the world about judgment – vv. 8, 11.

II.                The Holy Spirit works among the believers to teach them – vv. 12-15.

A.    The Spirit supplements Jesus’ teaching that the disciples were not ready to receive – vv. 12-13a.

B.     The Spirit guides believers into all truth – v. 13b.

C.     The Spirit will prepare the believers for future events – v. 13c.

D.    The Spirit works in unison with the Father & the Son – vv. 13-15.

                                                              i.      He continues Jesus’ teaching – v. 13.

                                                            ii.      He works to bring Jesus the glory – v. 14.

                                                          iii.      He does it all b/c of the mutual indwelling & resource sharing between the three persons of the Trinity – v. 15.

III.             Heed the Holy Spirit’s work in your life!

A.    When convicted – repent!

B.     When corrected – realign!

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