John 1:6-9, 15-28



John 1:6-9; 15-28


(John the Baptizer)

August 16, 2009

Simon Goncharenko




I.                   Who was John?  John was a special man for a special occasion – vv. 6-9.

a.       He was a man – v. 6.

He was Jesus’ relative - Luke 1:5-25, 39-45 (prenatal conversion?), 57-66, 80.

b.      He was on a mission from God – v. 7.

                                                              i.      His job was to be a witness about the light – v. 7a.

                                                            ii.      So that all might believe through him – v. 7b.

c.       John was not the light, just the witness for the light – v. 8.


II.                What was John’s message?  John message was to herald the coming of the Messiah – vv. 15-18

a.       Christ’s chronological “secondness” did not mean inferiority – v. 15.

b.      Christ is the source of our grace – v. 16.

c.       Jesus is greater than the law – v. 17.

d.      Jesus is the revealer of the invisible and “never-before-seen” God – v. 18.


III.             How did John identify himself?  John identified himself as “a voice” – vv. 19-28


a.       The questioners were the Pharisees (vv. 19, 22, 24) – through Priests and Levites, they wanted to  know who John was and why he baptized.

b.      John denied being the Messiah, Elijah, or the Prophet – vv. 20–21.

c.       John uses Isaiah’s words to identify himself – a voice of the one crying out in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord – v. 23.

d.      John’s baptism went along with his message – for repentance – vv. 25.

e.       John recognizes Christ’s holiness, his smallness, and people’s blindness – vv. 26-27.


John the Baptizer came on the scene to announce the arrival of JESUS.  Do YOU know HIM?

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