John 17:6-19

Separated by the TRUTH!

June 13, 2010

Simon Goncharenko



I.                   God’s words – the most important words for the world to hear –– vv. 6-8.

A.    Godly heritage does not guarantee godliness – v. 6

B.     God alone moves hearts, we just convey the message – v. 6

                                                              i.      God is sovereign – v. 6.

                                                            ii.      God is the giver of all good things – v. 7.

                                                          iii.      His life-saving words must be understood and accepted – v. 8.

                                                          iv.      Jesus came from God & was sent by Him – v. 8.

II.                Safety found in speaking God’s words – vv. 9-16.

A.    We will be safe because we belong to Him – v. 9.

B.     He will keep us safe because, in doing His will, we bring Him glory – v. 10.

C.     God’s name secures our safety – v. 11.

D.    God will keep us safe in order to promote unity – v. 11.

E.     Jesus is capable of keeping us safe – v. 12.

F.      God’s safe-keeping will enable us to find joy – v. 13.

G.    God’s safe-keeping is necessary in the midst of the hostile environment – v. 14.

H.    God’s safe-keeping does not remove us from danger but extends to protection from the source of evil – v. 15.

I.       God will keep us safe because we do not belong to this world – v. 16.

III.             It is God’s Words – the TRUTH – that separates us from the world - vv. 17-19.

A.    God’s word – Truth – is what sets us apart in this world – v. 17.

B.     We are commissioned by the commissioned one – v. 18.

C.     Jesus set Himself apart on our behalf in order to set us apart on His behalf – v. 19.


Carrying God’s Word separates from the world and keeps us safe in the midst of danger.


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