John 20:24-31

Believing Without Seeing!

August 8, 2010

Simon Goncharenko



I.                   Some people want to see before they believe (but that’s not faith in our dispensation) – vv. 24-25.

A.    They won’t take someone else’s word for it – v. 25.

B.     They desire to have their faith originated with sight, sound, or other senses – v. 25.

C.     Jesus is able to provide all the physical evidence in the world (but most often He doesn’t nowadays) – vv. 26-29.

D.    Why it was important for Thomas to see in the first century – vv. 26-29.

II.                Biblical faith in the Living Word begins with the written word (and not sight) – vv. 29-31.


A.    Those saved in the church age are blessed for believing without seeing – v. 29.

B.     Faith in the Living Word begins with the written word and brings life in His name – vv. 30-31.

            What to believe:

1.      Jesus is the Messiah – the Promised One from the OT.

2.      Jesus is God – one nature & essence with God.

3.      Eternal life can be received only by faith in Jesus.

a.       Jesus alone and no one else.

b.      Only through Jesus and no other way.

c.       Only by faith alone.


Faith in the Living Word is produced by the written word and leads to eternal life.

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