John 2:1-11

Real Joy Found in Christ Alone

September 13, 2009

Simon Goncharenko




Last Sunday we threw a party for our county at the community center.  Yesterday, we got together with family and friends to celebrate Thomas’s 10th birthday.  Both were enjoyable occasions. 


I.                    Real JOY is usually shared with family and friends – vv. 1-2.

a.      A wedding is a place of joy and celebration – vv. 1-2 – and Jesus was no stranger to good time


II.                 Real JOY is not dependent on outside circumstances and may be incomprehensible to the unbelieving world – vv. 3-5, 9.

God’s timing will not always coincide with men’s & His actions will often be incomprehensible to the world outside.

a.      Jesus told His mother that His hour had not come yet – v. 4.

b.      Aside from a few people, Christ’s action was completely unknown to the chief servant and the rest of the guests at the wedding – vv. 5, 9

III.               Real JOY may only be found in following Christ – vv. 3-11

a.      Jesus had no problem with participating in the feast – v. 2

                                                              i.      He actually made wine for their enjoyment – vv. 7-8

                                                            ii.      Christianity superseded Judaism, like the wine that He made was of higher quality than what was served before – v. 10.

b.      Jesus purposefully chose a wedding as a venue in which to reveal His deity to His disciples – v. 11.

                                                              i.      This sign resulted in faith from His disciples – v. 11

c.       Jesus wanted to teach His disciples and us about real joy – vv. 1-11

                                                              i.      The world’s joy always runs out and cannot be regained, but the joy He gives us is ever new and ever satisfying.

                                                      ii.      The world offers “the best” at first and then things always get worse, but Jesus continues to offer that which is best until the final blessing of heaven.

What do we take home?

1.      If you’re looking for the real joy, don’t settle for the world’s counterfeits – choose Christ!

2.      If you know Him and are still looking for joy – refocus and reconsider

3.      If you know Him and wonder how you might better serve Him - Let Your JOY PROCLAIM CHRIST!

a.      Let JOY permeate your attitude

b.      Let JOY permeate your speech

c.       Let JOY permeate your conduct

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