John 3:22-36

What are YOU Living For?

October 4, 2009

Simon Goncharenko




I.                   Improper view of Jesus’ identity adds turmoil and restlessness to your Christian life – vv. 22-26

a.       When we think that Jesus is there to serve our needs, we will be disappointed – v. 26

b.      When we think that we are more important than Jesus, we will get frustrated – v. 26

c.       When we fail to understand Jesus’ proper role, life gets out of focus – v. 26


II.                Clarity in understanding who Jesus is helps us to understand who we are and what we are to do on this earth – vv. 27-30.

a.       An awareness of God’s providential involvement in our lives adds purpose and purposefulness to everything that we go through – v. 27.

b.      Understanding who Jesus is helps us to understand our proper position and place in life – v. 28-29.

c.       The right perspective on Jesus yields heavenly perspective on our earthly progress – v. 30.


III.             The proper understanding of Christ’s origin, teaching, and authority is a matter of life and death – vv. 31-36.

a.       Jesus came from God – divine origin – v. 31.

b.      Jesus taught the words of God – divine teaching – vv. 32-34.

                                                              i.      What He taught, Jesus had seen and heard – v. 32.

                                                            ii.      The world’s depravity kept it from accepting His message – v. 32.

                                                          iii.      Acceptance of Jesus’ testimony is an affirmation of God’s truthfulness – v. 33.

                                                          iv.      God was the originator of His mission – v. 34.

                                                            v.      God was the designer of His words – v. 34.

                                                          vi.      God was the giver of Spirit without limit – v. 34.

c.       Jesus was given control over all by God – divine authority – vv. 35-36.

                                                              i.      ETERNAL LIFE W ITH GOD CAN BE OUR PRESENT REALITY ONLY BY FAITH IN THE SON – v. 36

                                                            ii.      Rejection of the Son robs you of eternal life and makes you the subject of God’s wrath – v. 36.


As we conclude chapter 3, we can see that the Apostle John is emphasizing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

·         It is a living relationship that begins with the new birth, the birth from above. When we receive Jesus Christ into our lives, we share His very life and become children in the family of God.

·         It is also a loving relationship, for He is the Bridegroom and we are a part of the bride. Like John the Baptist, we desire that Jesus Christ increase as we decrease. He must receive all the honor and glory.

·         It is a learning relationship, for He is the faithful Witness who shares God’s truth with us. What a delight it is to receive His Word, meditate on it, and make it part of our very lives.

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