John 5:31-47

The Evidence Demands a Verdict

November 15, 2009

Simon Goncharenko




 Each of us has to decide either for or against Christ, accepting the consequences that come with that.

I.                   The evidence FOR Christ is overwhelming today– vv. 31-33, 36-37, 39, 46-47

a.       Among numerous confirmations of His deity are:

                                                              i.      Christ – v. 31.

                                                            ii.      God the Father – vv. 32, 37.

                                                          iii.      John the Baptizer – v. 33.

                                                          iv.      His own works – v. 36-37.

                                                            v.      The Scriptures – v. 39-47.

II.                Despite God’s remarkable provision, many fail to benefit from it due to their own choices – vv. 35, 37-38, 40-47.

a.       God did everything possible for people to be saved.

b.      To this day people fail to accept Jesus for many different reasons – vv. 35, 37-47.

                                                              i.      The fickleness of man – v. 35.

                                                            ii.      Confusion between knowing about God and knowing God – v. 37.

                                                          iii.      Not letting God’s word remain in them – v. 38.

                                                          iv.      Missing the point of Scriptures – vv. 39-47.

1.      When one misses the point of Scriptures, he cannot be influenced by them – v. 40

2.      When one misses the point of Scriptures, he cannot love God – vv. 41-44.

3.      When one misses the point of Scripture, he stands condemned by the very text he misuses – vv. 45-47.

III.             The evidence demands a verdict

a.       If Jesus is for real, you’d better get saved!

b.      If you’re already saved, you’d better start talking about Him!


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