John 8:31-59

The Truth Will Set You Free

January 17, 2010

Simon Goncharenko





I.                   Jesus’ teaching / God’s word is at the core of Christian life – vv. 31-32, 47, 52-59.


a.       When one follows it, it makes a disciple out of a believer – v. 31.


b.      It releases men from slavery – v. 32.


c.       Listening and responding to it is a sign of belonging to God – v. 47.


d.      Obeying it brings eternal life – v. 51.


e.       Because Jesus is not only the greatest man that ever lived but is the true God – vv. 52-59.



II.                Mimicking their father, the devil, men’s natural tendencies are in direct opposition to God’s word – vv. 34, 38-45.


a.       Because all men are born enslaved to sin – v. 34.


b.      Because  their father, the devil is a murderer and a liar –vv. 38-44.



c.       Because they place self above God’s truth of salvation – vv. 37, 45.


III.             Follow the truth of the Heavenly Father!


a.       Give up sin.


b.      Fill up on truth.




Only the _____________ of the ____________ of God can bring the ____________ from the _______________________ of sin!

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