John 9:13-41

So That Men May See

January 31, 2010

Simon Goncharenko






An encounter with Jesus, whether direct or indirect, from many years ago to this day produces various outcomes in the lives of men and women based in large on their attitude towards Him.


I.                   Some are genuinely TRANSFORMED, both outwardly and inwardly – vv. 13, 15

17, 25-27, 30-33, 35-38.

A.    Physically their lives are changed forever and they are unafraid and unapologetic about it – vv. 13, 15, 17, 25-27, 30-33.

B.     Spiritually they find peace which completes their transformation – vv. 35-38.

II.                Some are too TERRIFIED of the repercussions of their faith to go through with it or tell anybody about it – vv. 19-23

A.    They will keep to safe topics – v. 20.

B.     They will refuse to engage in controversial matters or voice their opinion in divisive issues – vv. 21-23.

III.             Some are so TAINTED by their own set ways that they refuse to accept the good news of the gospel and thereby condemn themselves becoming more and more spiritually blind – vv. 15-19, 24, 26, 28-29, 34, 40-41.

A.    Their ears are not open to hear – vv. 15-19, 24, 26.

B.     Their minds are not willing to put two and two together – vv. 28-29.

C.     Their hearts are closed off – v. 34.

D.    Their guilt remains – vv. 40-41.

IV.             Jesus remains the same

A.    He is compassionate and uplifting to those who are His – vv. 35-38.

B.     He is just and straightforward with those who are opposed – vv. 39-41.


Jesus came to bring _____________ to the ____________ but _________ and ___________ it happens depends on our ________________ to His _____________ ___________________!

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