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Here's a Quick Description of Our Church:

· OUR NAME—We call ourselves Christ Chapel because we believe that this name reflects accurately our focus and Christ-centered foundation of what we believe, what we preach, and in whom alone we trust for daily sustenance.  We welcome anyone who is starved for deeper teaching of the Bible, whether they be locals, Ferguson Farm guards, or residents of Madisonville, Huntsville, Crockett, or Bryan/College Station.

· OUR STYLE—Our first and foremost commitment is to the Word of God—The Bible.  We believe that it is living and powerful to change lives today.  To that end, we are committed to preaching from every portion of Scriptures, including narrative, epistles, and prophecy.  Our second commitment is to fervent prayer for our community, our government, our country, and our world.

· OUR METHOD—is called EXPOSITORY PREACHING and it means that we will preach through the books of the Bible, one thought unit at a time.  We are currently going through 2 Peter.  Our previous books included 1 Timothy, Gospel of John, Ruth, Philippians, Revelation. 

· OUR VISIONChrist Chapel will be the church where: (1) the Bible is the foremost source, authority, and guidebook for any endeavor; (2) God's Word is taught in an expository manner, in order to impart sound and precise doctrine; (3) earnest prayer is the heartbeat of the body; (4) authentic worship is the natural expression of the congregation's love for their Savior; (5) people serve one another exercising their spiritual gifts both locally and world-wide.

· OUR MISSION—Equipping the saints... Building up the body of Christ..

Building up the Body of Christ!

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