Satan is DEFEATED!!!

Revelation 12

21 Fellowship, SBC

Dr. Simon Goncharenko


The Big Idea: As the ultimately defeated foe of all God’s people, Satan is and will be for a certain time, the force behind their persecution.


I.                   The turbulent history of Israel is partially of Satanic origin – vv. 1-6.

A.    A woman in labor – Israel – vv. 1-2.

B.     A huge red dragon with seven crowned heads and ten horns – Satan – v. 3.

                                                              i.      Satanic intention – to devour the Messiah – v. 4.

C.     The Messiah, who is to rule over all the nations, is preserved by God, while Israel is protected for 3.5 years – vv. 5-6.

II.                One day soon the accuser of our brothers will be denied heavenly access – vv. 7-12.

A.    Archangel Michael’s forces challenge and overpower the dragon’s forces ending decisively Satanic access to heaven – vv. 7-9.

B.     Heavenly proclamation declares:

                                                              i.      unequivocal rulership of God and His Messiah – v. 10.

                                                            ii.      The cessation of incessant Satanic accusation – v. 10.

                                                          iii.      The secret to overcoming Satanic accusation – v. 11.

                                                          iv.      The joy in heaven yet terror on earth due to Satan’s realization of his increasing limitation – v. 12.

III.             Though defeated, the ancient serpent will wage war against the chosen children of God – vv. 13-17.

A.    Expelled from heaven, Satan goes after elect Jews with a new vengeance – v. 13

B.     Rescued by God, Israel enjoys divine protection for 3.5 years – v. 14.

C.     Satan makes an all-out effort to destroy Israel, which is again divinely protected – vv. 15-16.

D.    The ancient serpent prepares to make one more final assault against the Godly remnant – v. 17.

  December 2019  
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