The Unholy Trinity

Revelation 13

21 Fellowship, SBC

Dr. Simon Goncharenko


The Big Idea: Satan’s attempt to copy the Holy Trinity in order to get the world to worship him succeeds only for the time that is allowed by God WHO IS TRULY IN CHARGE!



I.                   The rise of the Antichrist as a blasphemous Satan-powered world leader will be effectively authenticated by the devil and accepted by the world – vv. 1-7.

A.    He is authorized by Satan – vv. 1-2.

B.     His “miraculous” healing authenticates his rise to power – vv. 3-4.

C.     His rise to power is only possible due to divine approval – vv. 5-7.

II.                Remember this: God is IN CONTROL – vv. 5-10.

A.    God is in charge

B.     God allows the opposition – v. 5.

C.     God limits the time of their opposition – v. 5.

D.    God predetermines history – vv. 9-10.

III.             To assist the Antichrist in his blasphemous efforts, false prophet comes on the world scene with impressive powers and abilities – vv. 11-18.

A.    He is the Antichrist’s deputy – vv. 11-12.

B.     He exists to make the world worship the Antichrist – v. 12.

C.     His job is to deceive the world – v. 13-18.

                                                              i.      Performing impressive miracles (fire from heaven) – v. 13.

                                                            ii.      building the statue of the Antichrist – v. 14.

                                                          iii.      animating it – v. 15.

                                                          iv.      causing the world to be branded with the Antichrist’s brand as a sign of homage  to him (666) – vv. 16-18.

  June 2020  
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