God’s Mercy & Faithfulness Amidst His Wrath

Revelation 11

November 13, 2011

21 Fellowship, SBC – Midway, TX

Dr. Simon Goncharenko



The Big Idea: God’s wrath vindicates His righteousness and His mercy portrays His justice and faithfuleness.


I.                   God assesses the Temple and worshippers – vv. 1-2. 

A.    God evaluates the Temple – v. 1.

B.     God measures the quality of worship – v. 1.

C.      The time of the assessment – v. 2.

II.                Even during His judgment of the world’s rebellion God’s mercy causes the world to hear His message more intensely through His two messengers – vv. 3-13.

A.    Unknown identity of the witnesses – v. 3.

B.     The poignant ministry of God’s witnesses – vv. 4-6.

            There are a few things, however, that are revealed about them:

o   They’re God’s witnesses – He owns them and they are His.

o   They will be given authority from God

o   They will be able to prophesy – predict the future.

o   As olive trees, they bear an Old Testament identification with God’s anointed messengers (see Zech. 4:2-14).  

o   As lampstands, they will shine God’s light in the midst of the Satanic darkness of the world

o   They will be untouchable for 3.5 yrs .

o   They will be cramping the world’s style (sackcloth) – a bur in the world’s saddle.  

o   They will have supernatural powers.

C.     When their job is finished, God will allow them to be killed by the Antichrist – vv. 7-10.

o   Their lives will be cut off at the completion of their mission (3.5yrs).

D.    After three and half days, God will rise their decomposing bodies and summon them to heaven in full view of the whole world – vv. 11-13.

o   Upon their resurrection, summoned to heaven by a loud voice, they went up in a cloud in plain view of all their enemies (and probably the whole world as, I’m sure, it will be broadcast on all the major networks)

III.             God’s judgments on this earth are praise-worthy – vv. 14-18

A.    The process of Christ’s physical enthronement begins

B.     The worship of the 24 elders reveals

                                                              i.      God’s power – v. 17

                                                            ii.      God’s wrath on the rebellious nations – v. 18

                                                          iii.      God’s judgment on the dead – Great White Throne – v. 18.

See Revelation 20:11-15

                                                          iv.      God’s rewards for the faithful – The Judgment Seat of Christ – v. 18.

IV.             God’s faithfulness reassures His people in the midst of His judgment – v. 19.


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