God’s Mercy in the Midst of Judgment

Revelation 7

21 Fellowship, SBC – Midway, TX

August 28, 2011

Dr. Simon Goncharenko


The Big Idea: God’s mercy is made evident in the midst of His judgment upon this earth in yet another provision of the means by which men can be saved.


I.                   ON EARTH - Even during Tribulation God’s mercy is exemplified in His divine protection of the Jewish missionaries who will evangelize the world – vv. 1-8.

A.    God marks His special missionaries with His protective seal on their foreheads – vv. 1-3.

B.     The number of these missionaries is 144,000 – vv. 4-8.

C.     The nationality of these missionaries is Jewish – vv. 4-8.

II.                IN HEAVEN - The Jewish Missionary enterprise will be successful resulting in many more people added to the kingdom even during the time of unprecedented suffering – vv. 9-15.

A.    The human crowd in heaven acknowledges the Father and the Son – vv. 9-10.

                                                              i.      Their number is “innumerable” – v. 9.

                                                            ii.      Their backgrounds are diverse – coming from every corner of the earth – v. 9.

                                                          iii.      Their righteousness is established by the blood of the Lamb – vv. 9, 14.

                                                          iv.      Their activity is to worship God – vv. 10, 12.

                                                            v.      Their heavenly security is guaranteed by God – v. 14.

B.     The humans are joined by the angelic host in worshipping God – v. 11.

III.             Heaven is the only place with no more suffering or discomfort – vv. 15-17.

A.    Heaven is a place of privileged service – v. 15.

B.     There will be no physical suffering in heaven – v. 16.

                                                              i.      No more hunger

                                                            ii.      No more thirst

                                                          iii.      No more scorching sun

                                                          iv.      No more blaring heat

C.     Jesus, their good Shepherd, will lead the tribulation martyrs to springs of living water – v. 17.

D.    There will be no sadness in heaven – v. 17.

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