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March 28, 2010

Ruth 2


1  One of the most important truths we will ever learn about the Christian life is in this verse.  God has done a whole lot for us before we were ever born or even thought of.  In fact, He did the most important thing for us hundreds, even thousands of years ago, in eternity past.  He chose us to be His children.  Secondly, His Son volunteered to come to the earth to pay for our sins.  Third, His Holy Spirit was commissioned to spread the Gospel through His servants over the entire earth to tell men how they can be forgiven, possess eternal life, and live with God for ever and ever in the New Jerusalem.  All of these blessings were a done deal in the mind of God in eternity past. 


In this verse we see that the Lord had already prepared a Jewish man,____________, a cousin of Elimelech’s, to be the deliverer of Naomi and Ruth.   Naomi had only one asset, and that was a house on  piece of land that belonged to her husband in the city of _____________. She comes back to the land with nothing but bitterness in her heart against the Lord.  She has interpreted her circumstances all ____________.  It was not the Lord’s fault that she was penniless and poor.  It was her fault, and her husband’s fault.  She was suffering under the discipline of God.  She should never have left Bethlehem with Elimelech.  They should have never allowed their boys to marry ____________ and ___________. 


However, when God’s children get right about their sins and confess and forsake them, nothing but _________________will begin to happen to them.  Amen. 


2  They have a house and a piece of land in Bethlehem, but they have no ___________.  So, Ruth asks her mother-in-law if she can go into the fields (because it is harvest time) and ____________ behind the reapers.  This means she would pick up the tiny grain stalks that the reapers would miss.  In fact they were instructed to leave some on the ground for the poor. 


Here, we see a very important characteristic or virtue of Ruth.  She is a ____________ young lady.  She is not afraid to let people see her as she really is, a _____________ person, and a ________________


4-18  Almost immediately after Ruth goes into the field of Boaz, he appears and begins to deliver her and Naomi from their pitiful status in life.  He has already heard about _________, and he is very impressed in her kindness toward her mother-in-law, ___________. 


The only thing we know about Boaz, other than that he is Elimelech’s cousin, is that he is very _________.    What we re gong to see in the next chapters is another important thing about Boaz.  He is not afraid to spend his ____________ on Ruth and Naomi.  He is a picture of our Heavenly Father and our beloved Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  They were willing to save us, no matter what the cost.  We will find out that there is a nearer kinsman to Elimelech.  He has only one problem. He is not as generous with his wealth.    And guess what his miserliness cost him.  A place in the line of Christ.  He said it would ruin his inheritance if he redeemed Naomi’s property and became the main caregiver of Naomi and Ruth.  Just think, that man for all eternity will regret his stinginess and lack of generosity.   Just like Esau for all eternity, he will remember he sold his birthright for a bowl of ____________.

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