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Easter Sunday

April 4, 2010

Ruth 3


1-5    Verse 1 tells us why Naomi gives these instructions to Ruth.  She is seeking           ______________ for her.       


6-9    Ruth follows Naomi’s instructions.  At midnight, Boaz is awakened by someone           touching his feet under his robe.  Startled, he sits up and  asks, “Who are you?”            _________ answers and asks him to come to her aid as a near kinsman (cousin).  At           this point we need  to read Deuteronomy 25:5-10. 


10-18  We can see from the first that Boaz is very positive toward Ruth, and comments on the fact that she has not gone to a cousin who is __________________.   This shows      that Boaz was much ____________ than Ruth.  However, the biggest lesson here is         Boaz’s concern for Ruth and Naomi’s welfare.  This is why he is an illustration of our     Lord Jesus Christ.  A good shepherd is always interested in his sheep first, not himself.  At this point in the text, we see Boaz taking the lead in the proceedings.  We see that        he wants Ruth to go back home as soon as it is safe (the sun comes up) and he gives     her a significant amount of _____________ to take back to her mother-in-law.      Probably this was enough grain for a couple of weeks of bread.  When Ruth gets back           home, she explains everything that happened with Boaz to Naomi.  In vs. 18 Naomi          tells her to __________.  And she knows Boaz so well, that she assures Ruth that he       will go into action to redeem both of them a.s.a.p. 


          Next week in Chapter 4 we will see that Naomi knew what she was talking about           because Boaz does go into action, a.s.a.p.!!


          Again, Boaz is a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ, who when challenged with the           redemption of all mankind, wasted no time in taking up the Father’s plan. “And in the           fullness of time, God sent forth His Son to be the Savior of the world.”  He willingly           gave everything He had to pay the debt for the sins of all of us.  And that is what we           remember, as well as His resurrection three Jewish days later, every Easter during each           Spring, like we are doing today here at church.  Amen.  Love, Papa and Grandma

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