Couples Class

21 Fellowship

January 17, 2010

Daniel 2:1-28

The Wisemen’s Serious Problem



2:1     Nebuchadnezzar has a ___________ which deeply troubled him and caused him to stay


2:2     awake the rest of the night.  The next day he commanded all the wisemen to tell him his


2:10   dream and give the _____________ of it.  The wisemen told him that ___ ____ could do


2:11   that. King Neb. Became very _________ and gave orders to _______ all the wisemen of


2:12   Babylon.  Daniel goes before the ________ and asks for extra __________.  Daniel goes


2:16-18  home and asks his _____ friends to __________.   Miraculously ________ reveals to


2:19-23  Daniel the dream.  And the first thing he does is ___________ the Lord.



 The obvious application of this first paragraph of Chapter 2 is --When we are faced with a


difficulty which we cannot solve, we need to immediately go to the _______ in __________


and ask for His _________.  He will help us just like He did Daniel and his three friends.

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