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February 7, 2010

Daniel 3:1-30


1        Apparently Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, was impressed with the head of Gold on

          the Image of his dream.  He is so impressed he decides to make a new idol that is

2-5    covered with gold skin and represents a new god over his empire of Babylon.  The idol is

          huge.  It is 90 feet tall and 9 feet wide (Maybe 2 times higher than the Midway water

          tower).  He ordered all the important people of the Empire to come on a certain day to

4-5    worship this new god he had just made and set up in the Plain of __________, which

          was just a brad flat piece of land where a large crowd could gather.  The signal for them

15      to fall down and worship the idol was when they heard a lot of _________.  No one

          knows where Daniel was at this time.  He may have been out of the country on business.

6,21   But his _____ friends were there and they did not bow down when the music began to

          play.  So, they were cast into the burning ________ ________.  King Neb gives them a

16-18 __________ chance.  But the three young men told the King they did not need a second

          chance and that they would _________ serve his gods or worship the golden image that

22      he set up.  King Neb gets very ______ and orders the furnace to be heated up _______

          times hotter than usual.  The furnace is so hot that it ___________ the mighty men that

          threw them into it.  However, when the King peeks into the furnace, he sees something

          very __________.  Instead of three men, he sees _______.  And they are all walking

          around unharmed in the midst of the fire and the 4th one looks like ________ 

          ___________ __________.  Immediately the king goes to the mouth of the furnace and

          cries out in a loud voice for the three young men to come out.   And, when they walk out,

27      they are totally ________.  And, they do not even have the ________ of fire on them or

28      their clothes.  King Neb realizes that they have been saved by their God in whom they

          have _________.  And, eh makes a proclamation that anyone that speaks _________

          against the ____ of these men shall be _________ to pieces and their house turned into a

29      __________ ________.  Because there is no other God who can deliver like this.


Application:  We should only worship and serve one being.  Who is that?


Matthew 6:33 is a good verse to illustrate what these boys did - They put the Kingdom of God first and everything else took care of itself.

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