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Daniel 4

Key Verse Daniel 4:30


1-3    After reading these three verses we naturally have to think back to the previous chapter

          where Neb sees an awesome sign or miracle of the Lord.  What was this miracle he saw

          in chapter 3, with regard to Daniel’s three friends? ______________________________


10-16 Neb sees a second dream and the main point of the dream is a very large __________,

          which at its peak of productivity and usefulness on the earth is _______ __________. 

          Now, the main purpose of the dream is seen in vs. 17 that all the “Living” (us) may know

           that the ___________ ______ ________ in the Kingdom of men.  And, he gives it to

          whomever he __________.  And, sometimes he sets over it the __________ ___ _____.

          Appl:  It’s obvious what the Lord is trying to get across to us:  In every age He has ruled

          supreme over the earth and universe even though Satan is trying to overthrow His rule.


18      Daniel is finally called to interpret the dream.  Most probably the wise men did not want

          to interpret it because the meaning was so obvious.  Once again Daniel shows a great

          _________ in interpreting it very accurately.


20-17 Read Vss. 20-27.


30      Neb’s big sin was that he gave ___________ credit for his success and his great empire.

          Appl:  God alone is responsible for blessing us and causing us to prosper.


28-33 Approximately one year later the dream is fulfilled and King Neb looses his mind and

          begins to live out in the _________.  He thinks he is a ________ and he eats _________

          and his hair grows as long as _________ _________.  But, once the Lord has proven His

          pint to this mightiest of kings, Neb is restored to his right mind, and Neb says 34-37.


37      In a nutshell he tells us who is always running the show in this universe and on earth. 

          He gives honor and praise to the ________ __ _______.  Whose works are always in

          _______ and whose ways are always perfect _____________.  And, who is always able

          to put down those how ___________ ____ _________.

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