Lessons from Heroes

Lesson from Heroes - Heb.11


Lessons from Heroes

Hebrews 11

21 Fellowship, SBC – Midway, TX

September 11, 2011

Dr. Simon Goncharenko




The Big Idea: Every believer is given an opportunity to step out in faith at one point or another and God blesses that choice.


A Man of Faith …

I.                   Honors God whom he cannot see above men who are clearly seen (Abel) – 4.

II.                Pleases God (Enoch) – 5-6.

III.             Lives in view of the future rather than the present (Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph) – 7, 20-22.

IV.             Is focused on the permanent realities rather than temporary circumstances (Abraham) – 8-10.

V.                Attempts the impossible on the account of God’s ability (Abraham & Sarah) – 11-12.

VI.             Has a healthy understanding of God’s sovereignty – 13-16.

VII.          Trusts God over his own understanding (Abraham and Isaac) – 17-19.

VIII.       Possesses the ability to see the invisible God which emboldens him in the midst of visible adversity (Moses) – 23-29.

IX.             Is willing to attempt unconventional methods, per God’s order, for accomplishing God’s purposes (Joshua) – 30.

X.                Faces difficult and dangerous circumstances fearlessly (Rahab) – 31.


What faithful and heroic act am I going to accomplish for God in my lifetime?